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Establishing Stockholm as a Global AI Hub

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Creating a world-class AI community in, from, for, and around Stockholm.

We are a non-profit, grassroots association in which AI professionals, researchers, engineers, and students come together to meet, learn, discuss, and evolve. Our board consists of volunteers, who are experts in AI, and are enthusiastic and willing to build a strong, well-educated community in Stockholm.

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We co-learn about any AI topic through a number of formats.

A core role of our association is the promotion of new ideas and exchange of knowledge. We seek out experts in various AI fields and host all kinds of events around AI – from meetups, academic reading groups, technical deep-dive workshops, mentor programmes, etc. We’re here to learn together!

We host a plethora of events

Our events bring together AI professionals, startups, investors, and academia in the AI sphere to understand the current state of the technology and what is in store for the near future, by listening to lectures, debating, discussing, and workshopping.


We maintain a job board that lists open positions in the AI industry.

We believe that in order to establishing Stockholm as a global center of AI, it’s vital to help the right people get connected with the right local businesses. That is why we’re running a free-to-use job board for our community, by our community.

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Connect with Us

We believe that the best way of establishing Stockholm as a global player in the field of AI is by creating a world-class community around it. Join along thousands of local AI enthusiasts to be a part of our journey.

Most of our internal communication between members is done through our Slack channel. But we are most active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with leading organizations in the field of AI to advance our mission of fostering innovation in Stockholm’s AI ecosystem.

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